The School of Education at Chancellor College originated in 1964 at Soche Hill College in Blantyre as a School of Education of the University of Malawi. The Mandate was to produce secondary teachers at diploma level and later degree level. In 1973, Soche Hill College moved to Zomba to become one of the five Faculties of Chancellor College, namely Humanities, Law, Science and Social Science. The School of Education is currently the largest institution at the University of Malawi for secondary teacher education that offers Bachelor’s degree. In 2005, the Faculty of Education at Chancellor College became School of Education through UNIMA Senate approval. Currently the School of Education offers a general BEd in three broad specialisations namely: Science Education, Language Education and Social Studies Education.

About Chancellor College

Chancellor College is the largest among the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi. Ever since its establishment, the college has produced graduates who have gone on to become leaders in various sectors of Malawian society.

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