Education Foundations Department

Offers mandatory courses that student-teachers must be exposed to during the pre-service training. These provide:
essential foundational skills and knowledge for teachers’ professional development
critical information that informs the teaching and learning process and school leadership
would be teachers with the theoretical framework to appreciate the learners and education environment.
education managers critical knowledge about leadership, planning and policy implementation
The following courses are offered

  1. Introduction to Educational Psychology
  2. Introduction to Sociology of Education
  3. Curriculum Theory
  4. Philosophy of Education
  5. Special Needs Education
  6. Instruction Media and Technology
  7. Education Administration and Management
  8. Testing, Measurement and Evaluation
  9. Education Research Methods
  10. Adolescent Psychology for Educators
  11. Education and Development
  12. Sociology of Education
  13. History of Educational Thought
  14. Introduction to Educational Planning, Policy and leadership
  15. Introduction to Economics of Education
  16. Special Needs Education
  17. Guidance and Counselling
  18. Gender and Education

About Chancellor College

Chancellor College is the largest among the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi. Ever since its establishment, the college has produced graduates who have gone on to become leaders in various sectors of Malawian society.

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